I feel like I’m getting old …

See, a week ago I was out in the park with my son and his friends. They’re all 10 and all kinds of energetic and everything. The snow had just melted and I was playing Aerobie with the three of them. A particularly accurate and — if I may say so — brilliant throw from my son sent me running after the neon green flying ring with as much speed as I could muster. It’s not much. However, since my weekend shoes are losing their tread and since the ground was mostly soggy from melting snow, my mustered speed was too much.

I slipped and fell. Flat on my ass. Tailbone. Thud and ouch. It’s hurt ever since.

Why am I writing this to my blog? Because I feel old. My hair is thinning. Falling on my ass hurts for a week. I’m only 34-years old, so I’m not griping. But it does feel like I’m kind of old.

Just sayin’.

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  1. Old is truly relative, as people always tell me, “you’re not 50 – you’re 20”. Why do they insist on flattering this old buzzard ?

    Well, I’m 5’6″, 140 lbs of mean little bastard, I can do a full split in either direction and I love doing PT. Setting limits on one’s activity because of some arbitrary measure is nuts. As far as falling goes, I spend about 12 hours a week as a crash test dummy, and truthfully, because I stay flexible, I don’t hurt.

    In my head I know that my commision is now both resigned and retired, the Navy shrink saying the world is a better place for all if I do what I like, so this is what I do. After a couple of small incidents, the Navy decided to fund my safety through a pension. At one point in my life I made the world safer for others, now that same gov’t is making the world safe from me…I never question.

    The things I do, Combat SAMBO, Tai Chi (Wu Solo form) and PFT (excluding weight lifting) all contribute to my state of well being. My inspiration comes from a 77 year old man, one who is strong with the force, he still moves with a grace and power not possessed by most. This man provides more inspiration to me then LCR Roy Boehm, the Godfather of all Seals, one of the original annointed by President Kennedy. Thanks to this man, I probably fall down (or get slammed down) at least 100 times a week. Wednesday night I caught an elbow to the spine and a knee to the floating ribs while teaching a class. Does it hurt now, no. Would I let it hurt now, no. Does Jessica Alba still give me a woody, hell yes.

    If you constantly challenge yourself physically, you can realize your potential Every morning I do my morning physical thing, every evening I do my thing, I don’t think, except about technique and how to enhance student physical performance. The Navy realized something about me that I never realized about myself, that I am a physical creature by nature, to deny this nature is futile.

    We all have this creature in us, it is a matter of looking inward and finding the inspiration to do. I feel best when I have sweat pouring off me and endorphins flowing. Any one can all have this feeling, all one has to do is reach for it.

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