My FB Posts about Firearms

Following is everything I’ve written on FaceBook that isn’t a response to someone.

As I mentioned below, I don’t think we can look at a problem by immediately brushing aside a potential solution. Everything needs to be reviewed, even whether the 2nd amendment still makes sense. If we approach this issue already discounting potential avenues of exploration, we run the risk of solving symptoms rather than the disease itself.

Do we as a society have the courage to do that? From what I’ve seen, we don’t.


Sorry, but nobody is told that humans are descended from apes, and if someone is saying that, then they should reread evolutionary biology. Humans and apes share a common ancestor, which is not the same as descendence. Even still, apes don’t murder each other and as far as we know, they don’t have religion, so maybe this is not the best argument for you to use.

Early christians did commit infanticide (and still commit genocide, homicide, child rape, etc), though, so that’s something.


I think that in order to solve these issues, we need to be willing to question everything, including what the 2nd amendment means to us as a society. There are far-reaching ethical ramifications of a slavish worship of anything, and if we want to break this increasingly prevalent cycle, we need to accept that.

Putting more burden on the shoulders of teachers to be on the frontline of reporting suspicious behavior (as I read your suggestion) is not appropriate. Adding armed guards to schools in the presence of children is not appropriate. The safety of a citizenry starts with the society in which they live, and that society needs to take seriously that safety. I don’t think we do, as a whole.

First, we need to allow the CDC to study issues of gun violence so that we can determine the causes. Second, we need to be a lot more careful about who can get what firearms. Third, we need to really ask ourselves if we need to own guns, as a society. Seriously. Is it a need like food, shelter, fuel, or water are. Fourth — and this is fundamental — we must start looking at these issues ethically — not religiously, politically, or socially — and allow ourselves to understand how our worship of the 2nd amendment is deeply connected to who we are as a society. What causes that worship, what are the results of it, what things in our culture does that worship limit and influence: these are the questions we need to look at.


What if instead of shootings, the news was that there have been multiple instances of children dying after downloading a smartphone app. Would anyone advocate for the continued sale and use of that app? Would anyone argue for responsible app use?

Hey, are you against access by children to the dark web, but are unwilling to ban guns after multiple school shootings? Why is that?


This is a sentence that had to be written today: “[A mother] told CNN that her daughter safely evacuated the school and took shelter at a nearby Walmart.” It’s at least the 12th time this year that a sentence like that had to be written. That means that AT LEAST TWELVE TIMES someone has SHOT at CHILDREN with the intent to kill.

I don’t want new regulations on gun ownership, and I don’t want limits on possession. I want guns destroyed. We can fight wars with aircraft and swords. Hunt with bow and arrow or crossbows. Target practice with BBs. This shit just needs to fucking stop. There is literally no argument or excuse for gun ownership as long as this keeps happening.


I’m out. Here’s where I’m at on this gun ownership thing. I see it as an ethical issue in the same way that standing by while genocide is committed is an ethical issue. Advocates of the NRA and of blind adherence to the 2nd amendment are making it possible for children to be gunned down in school. That’s the reality at this point. If after a school shooting you believe that a) we need more guns in school, or b) that our gun laws don’t need to be changed, or c) that guns don’t kill people, you are culpable in those children’s deaths. You need to come to terms with the reality that the thing you are defending is destroying our society. If you don’t believe me, let me know and I’ll map out the causal loops that prove it.

NB: Facebook doesn’t have an emoticon for feeling Fucking Pissed and DIsillusioned.