Men’s Open Cup 2007

Region 1 Amateur Qualifying

The US Open Cup qualifying matches are in full swing, and unfortunately there’s not much hope for our uber-local teams in the Amateur or Premier Development Ranks.

Not far from here, though, Danbury United from Connecticut are in a position to challenge the Aegean Hawks from D.C. from the Region 1 Amateur ranks. Sadly, local teams Phantoms and Lowell Revolution were ousted early on.

PDL Eastern Conference Qualifying

Up in the Premiere Development League (PDL), Vermont Voltage (30 miles from my hometown) are long gone. Cape Cod needs to win their next match (vs. Vermont) if they’re to have any hopes of beating out Long Island Rough Riders, but that will also depend on Long Island losing or drawing. Who are they playing? Vermont, so my money’s on Long Island to secure the PDL spot for the Northeast.

Ahh, wouldn’t it be awesome?

American Soccer Pyramid – Wikipedia

This is something I would like to see happen in this country: an interconnection of all of the various divisions of soccer. How cool would it be to see the Vermont Voltage struggle their way, season by season, to the MLS? Isn’t it about time that Rochester, NY got themselves an MLS team? Well, with a system of promotion and relegation, it could happen.

I’ve heard from a few people that there are some difficult financial issues to work out with the promotion/relegation systems, but I think the results are worth it: wider-spread soccer, more teams created at the local level (because the dream is there to go higher), and the passion that only a team facing relegation can muster.

I know that it will probably never happen, but I’d still like to think it’s possible.