It’s that season again!

Well, it’s that season again here in the United States: Soccer time. Yes, I admit it. I’m hooked. I have been since 2002, and the performance of our favorite local footy team has secured it.

Since it is that time of year, it’s also time to post the chart:

After every game, I’ll update the running total so we can see how the Revs are doing compared to previous seasons. Can they beat their 2005 point total? The stakes for doing so are greater than ever, and they’re on track to do so after falling short with a difficult — and ultimately MLS Cup-free — end-run last season.

Those of you who’ve been reading for awhile know how I feel about the Revs and soccer in the U.S. in general. Those of you who are new to this space will find out if you keep coming back. The Revs won again tonight after clinching the home opener against Houston Dynamo 3-0, and failing miserably on the road in Chicago last week. Tonight we played a fast, solid game and came away from Kansas City with our deserved three points, putting us at 6 for the season: tied for first with KC for now. The week continues, however, and we play Colorado on Saturday at home.

In other news — and thanks to the encouragement of a friend at work –, I’ve been recording Federalist Papers as podcasts and will start posting them here once I’m far enough ahead to be able to be consistent with them. I figure that since this is an election year, it might be good to remind ourselves exactly what it is we’re after, here.