All of that is behind me, and what’s left is forward

The other day I realized that I don’t really know where I’ve been the past few years. I feel as one who has been wallowing in the middle of truth and fiction; one who looks across a darkening ocean for a future, only to see the past. I feel as though all of that is behind me, though. I’ve woken up.

I’m returning to my studies of literature, philosophy, and Latin. I’ve got a career as an information architect that I’m enjoying fully. I’m working to get my dad’s poetry to the public. Perhaps the most exciting, though, is today I bought myself new saxophone reeds and am practicing again.

My saxophone is important to me, and it was the trigger for my realization above. I’ve gone for three years without ever taking it out of its case, without ever feeling the taste and rough-hewn flexibility of a bamboo reed, without ever honking out my feelings through the tube of cold brass, ivory, and wood. Tonight, though, I felt the vibration of that reed against my bottom lip and honked myself silly.

So now why does Deval Patrick have to go and ruin it? Why was it I voted for him? I’m going to write him and find out.

Independent publisher of Vermont writers

Some of you may know that I hold a degree in Literature, and have long harbored a desire to seek out and make available the best of the best of poets, essayists, and story writers in and around the state of Vermont. To that end, I’ve started up Onegecko Publishing here and made available our first book by Vermont Poet Victor Densmore. His first title, Out of the Hermit’s Meadow and Wood is already almost sold out, with only a dozen copies of the first printing remaining. We will be moving to a print-on-demand platform soon, though.

Densmore’s poetry is set in the real, but with spots of magic that bring truth to the most ubiquitous of things. If you like poetry, I encourage you to take a look at some poems of his and pick up one of the last copies from the first printing.

Watch Onegecko Publishing for more info on Densmore’s and other writers’ work in the future.