Pictures of our flooded basement

It seems that my earlier report of three inches of water in our basement was premature. I took a “last look” and the water had risen about a foot. Fifteen inches of water with an untold amount of pieces of our past drowned. Luckily, we’re all okay and there are plenty more opportunities for us to make more pieces of our past. For that, I’m grateful and humble.

Here are some pics of our particular slice of the flood:

General shot of the basement corner.
General shot of the basement corner.

Stairs leading down. The stuff on the stairs are some of the things to dry out.
Stairs leading down. The stuff on the stairs are some of the things to dry out. That’s a box of books at the bottom. Art, old love letters, and xmas decorations make up the rest.

Kitchen staging area.
Wet books and old toys of Gabe’s in the kitchen. They’re still draining onto the linoleum.

Box of special things.
Our entrance room is filled with wet boxes. This is a closeup of one of the ones that was underwater: a box of memoirs from our first years of marriage and Gabe’s first year of life.

We are relatively lucky, as we’re all okay and we didn’t lose all that many things. It could’ve been worse. And heck, we’ve got another three days of rain on the way, so who knows?

Basement flooding …

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May showers bring? If you live where we do, the answer is water in your basement. Three inches, to be exact.

Now, sure, you may think three inches isn’t a lot of water, but it’s enough to ruin college-era artwork of your wife’s, or damage one’s $1200 — hocks for $250 (ask me about Fitchburg somehow) — alto saxophone, for instance. And remember the food coloring and celery experiments in Biology? Capillary action? It’s amazing what a corrugated cardboard box can absorb in a morning.

Luckily most of our things were on palettes above the water line, and the rest of the things that weren’t I was able to move.

In addition to the wet weather, I’ve had some thoughts on Google, lately. Gmail pictures, calendar, notebook, etc. Aren’t they just supplying to Firefox users the kinds of funtionality that have been available to Mac OS X users for a while, now?

Sure, the cost of entry is definitely lower, so that’s a plus. I wonder, though, whether we’re not seeing just the evolution of hotmail and geocities. It certainly does make a future where the browser is the only application entirely possible. Something to watch for, anyhow.