Pledge of the American Citizen


In today’s podcast, I take a look at the citizenship pledge that is given to immigrants who have passed the naturalization exam on their way to become citizens of the United States. In conjunction with that, though, I also present a pledge for people who are already citizens so that we can reaffirm our responsibilities and connection with our society, country, and government.

To read and sign it, grab the citizens pledge here and follow the instructions. If you want to sign it right away, email me your name and state, and I’ll get them up on the pledge within 24 hours.

The point of this pledge is for those of us who are natural-born citizens to re-affirm our connection and responsibilities with this country. I’ve noticed too many times over the years a lack of understanding among too many people of what our responsibilities actually are. I’ll be addressing those in later posts and ‘casts, but thought this would be a good place to start.

EDIT (22-Feb-2008): The email box was not responding properly, but is now fixed.