Ron Paul Supporters to March on Washington

Supporters of Ron Paul are working together across the nation to plan a march on Washington, D.C. some time later this year. The date hasn’t been determined yet, but signs point to sometime this spring or summer, prior to the DNC and RNC conventions. I support the idea of this march whole-heartedly.

The purpose of the gathering is to show that in spite of how Ron Paul’s message is faring within the sanctioned halls of the RNC, there are a vast number of voters across the country who do support the message. To that end, I urge you to sign up in order to find out more information. If you can, attend the march. If not, then please help us get the word out.

The website linked above is being managed by North Virginia Patriots, apparently. The look to be a couple of guys in New Hampshire who run a radio show, so tune in to see what they have to say, too.