Saab Progress

About a month ago we bought a 1994 Saab 900S from ebay for $USD 950. So far it’s been a very good purchase. Since we got it on ebay, we knew it would be a project car, so the repairs we’ve had to do have been expected and fairly typical, in my mind, for a Saab with 187k+ miles on it.

So far we’ve spent about $USD 1100 on repairs, with another $750 or so to go that absolutely have to get done. The work has included a serpentine belt drive wheel replacement, exhaust re-weld and replacement, and a new control arm. Remaining work will be done on the front end: strut rebuild for both sides. We should also get the brakes replaced, because the rotors are a bit rusty, but we may wait awhile on that.

We took a trip to a local salvage yard today, too, and got a new SID unit that actually works as well as two hubcaps for the back wheels for $USD 30 all told. All in all, the car runs really well and seems very solid and in great shape for being 13 years old. It feels like it’s been taken well care of, which is the most important thing.

We can’t wait to be able to get it on the road and really run it through its paces to see where we want to go with it in terms of performance/handling/styling/etc. See, the idea is to have a stealth-sport car. In other words, it should look like your average, three-person-family sedan but have really good handling and pickup as though it were completely tricked out. I’m not sure how to get there, but I’m thinking it’ll be a lot of fun to try.

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