Rune of Calming Power

I’ve been doing more and more runework over the last week or two, picking up from where I left off years ago. While the years have added a level of comprehension I certainly didn’t have before, my stamina for dealing with the after effects of forming, crafting, and carving a bind rune is not what it should be. To that end, I created the rune above. The idea behind it is contained within the meanings of the bound runes: Isa, Nauthiz, and Thurisaz.

  • Isa: For knowledge of the self, centering the carrier of the charm, calming force
  • Nauthiz: Constriction/Constraint/Control of inward/outward flows as they travel through the self (Isa) and become transmitted
  • Thurisaz: The projection of energy towards a particular purpose. In this case, Nauthiz ensures the right amount of energy is projected in proportion to the self.

So that’s the formula. If you want to try it for yourself — though it is a very personal interpretation of these runes — start the drawing with Isa from top to bottom. Attach the thorn of Thurisaz and then place the angled cross of Nauthiz in the center being sure to stay parallel to the top angle of the thorn. That should do it.

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