Notes on IA

Some quick IA notes to jot down. Details later on when I’m not eating.

  • A solution that creates more problems than it solves is not a solution (if someone knows the source of this, please tell me).
  • Information Architecture is a lot like being a marriage counselor: facilitating communication between two parties in such a way that both parties feel as though they are being heard and listened to.
  • Empathy is the most important attribute an information architect can have. After that, it’s patience.
  • Creating wireframes is not as important as knowing how to ask a question.
  • Being able to design intuitive navigation is only possible if you know who’s navigating.

The above are some things that I hold on to in my day-to-day dealings with my work. If any of you out there know the source or such of any of them (some of them may not have one), please let me know so I can give credit where it’s due.

I’m particularly interested in hearing what other IAs use as their mantras when designing, asking questions, theorizing, etc. Feel free to send along so I can include it here and credit you.

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