Education: Entry One

The system by which we “educate” our citizenry in this country must be eradicated. I say this not because the system is a failure. On the contrary, our public education system does exactly what it was meant to do: prepare people for an automaton-like life in a world of capitalistic industry.

Current cycle of education:

  1. Critical thinking citizens  are not easily employable in typical industrio-economy jobs: “why” and “how” do not fit into the workaday world
  2. Owners within the industrio-economy cry out that education is failing since students are not “employable”
  3. Government and “concerned” members of the business community develop national “standards” that ensure a student’s “success”, ie employability
  4. Students leave school with the ability to take tests, cram top-level knowledge into their heads, and follow the rules laid out by authorities but with very little ability to truly understand the “why” and “how” of what they do
  5. The industrio-economy is sustained with easily employable citizens

No matter how much money, time, thought, or positive energy we dump into it, what it will produce is a mass of children who are good at one thing: taking orders from their employer/masters. This is, of course, exactly what it supposed to happen.

The fix? Break out of this mode of thinking. Educate in order that critical thinking skills are preserved; in order that each student has a thorough understanding of civics, economics, art, literature; ensure that educational facilities are not tied down to business interests by refusing to accept finances from corporate interests.

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