Rune of Life

My latest Bind rune I crafted as a representation of Life’s journey. It contains the runes Isa, Perthro, and Raidho.

  • Isa: For knowledge of the self, centering the carrier of the charm, calming force
  • Perthro: The laws of nature as represented by the Norse concept Orlog. This is not fate, but the laws by which fate is determined and involves a formula of one’s hamingja (actions/luck) and wyrd (life’s direction)
  • Raidho: This is the journey itself, both a physical motion-towards as well as a deeper understanding of the spiritual aspects of such a physical trek

I believe that life is the process by which we move through time or by which we let time move past us. We can be a rudderless craft within the swift-moving current or we can use the current’s energy to guide our own directions within it. The rune above represents the latter, which is how I try to live.

The first requirement is to understand where you stand: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. This is Isa. It’s a standstill: but a kinetic type, not a static type. It is centering and forming, not paralyzing — especially when combined with Perthro and Raidho.

Once you know what Isa means for you, gain a solid understanding of Orlog, of the rules by which your future is determined. The gist of this is that your future is determined by your actions — positive and negative. This is the concept of the combination of Orlog, Hamingja, and Wyrd. This is what Perthro represents.

With knowledge of yourself and your position in your future, you are ready to take the journey itself. Raidho comes into play here: movement forward while knowing what processes are right and how you fit into those rhythms.

The bind rune strengthens the concept of each rune by folding them together. The three have shared components and do fit in a way that makes sense. Also, the bind rune fits my concept of what life is and may not apply for you. While the historic representations of each rune are established, there are subtleties within them that each person may feel differently about especially when bound.

My plan is to carve this rune into a charm out of a type of wood that makes sense for it. Within the Norse view of the world this would more-than-likely be yew: the literal tree of life.

8 Replies to “Rune of Life”

  1. I want to know where i can get that cool dada poem maker at. thanks

    and why are there links with swear words that don’t fit the story at all?

  2. I coded the dada poem generator about 6 years ago. It needs some work, but I wouldn’t mind sharing.

    The swears are all part of it: it seems that dada poems on the Internet include spammers’ sorry attempts at promoting porn.

  3. I think you should archive the current story .creat a filter and more rules 3 words no less or more then promote it on some art sites that way you get people who might be more serious about it.
    I did a little advertising on craigs list and so you may have seen a flurry of activity unfortunatly most people clowning around.

  4. If I limited the length or type of post or only artsy-types posted to it, then it wouldn’t be DaDA.

    I have a random archiving schedule I adhere to when the mood grips me.

  5. well, I thought the dadaist’s originally would only use like 3 words(i could be wrong ).
    Hey, I am interested in using your program on my blog .Do i need a website or can i just post it to my blog ??

  6. For using the script, you would need access to a MySQL database and the ability to run PHP scripts.

    Originally, the “Exquisite Corpse” game was used to build a sentence, and then got transformed for drawings, poems, etc. I’ve adapted the idea rather than copied.

  7. ok , i don’t know what …MySQL database and the ability to run PHP scripts is. i have a blog blogger and if i can copy coe and put on there then i will if not then well i will just have to not have it: (

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